A unique, IPR-protected solution for the production of Light Guide Plates.


Better and energy-saving screens thanks to a unique combination of the latest nano and induction technology.

The unique and rapid heating process provides thinner, lighter and more efficient screens. The TC TECH technology replicates down to nano-sized patterns while maintaining the same high quality throughout. As the cooling process is just as quick, the production process is not only highly efficient – it also guarantees the same perfect result for every single production cycle.

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A complete solution, ready to use from day one.

A turnkey system designed to achieve full production efficiency in no time without affecting output quality, thanks to intelligent solutions. The first “shot” has the same high quality as the final one. The system needs no time for tune-up or break-in after stop or matrix change – the process control makes sure that the right production parameters are achieved from the very first minute.



First-rate result, faster and more cost-efficient.

The quick and smooth heating/cooling of the TC TECH system produces plastic details free from yellowing or stress. The process never affects the birefringence of the material, which gives us unique possibilities to control the light’s way in and out of the LGP. Always without compromising on output rate or handling efficiency.

Unmatched cycle time
No limitations
Smaller dots,
greater difference
Perfect replication.
All the way


A truly green innovation, in the full sense of the word.

A more efficient LGP has the capacity to reduce energy consumption of screens and displays by up to 30 per cent, in combination with enhanced image quality. A thinner LGP and fewer compensating optical films also reduce the amount of plastic needed: TC TECH’s systems reduce raw material consumption by at least 50 per cent. With scrapping next to eliminated, waste minimization is achieved by a wide margin.

Less waste

Less energy