Project Description

Microfluidics and other biotech applications.

Microfluidics is the science of manipulating and controlling fluids, usually in the range of microliters (10-6) to picoliters (10-12), in networks of channels with dimensions from tens to hundreds of micrometers. This discipline takes its origins in the early 1990’s and has grown exponentially. It is viewed as an essential tool for life science research or in a larger way in biotechnologies.

Microfluidic tools can be envisioned as miniaturized laboratories. They contain channels with dimensions ranging from tens to hundreds of microns that facilitate the handling of small volumes of fluids, such as blood. The gains from such downscaling are huge and include that the time for reactions is shortened, higher overall sensitivity, and a lower cost.

TC TECH technology is uniquely suited to improve the precision and quality of thin films used for microfluidic applications. TC TECH have successfully performed tests with applications for fast analysis of human blood.