The Company


TC TECH Sweden AB (publ)

TC TECH is an innovative high-tech company that has developed its very own system for the production of advanced plastic details. Operations are based on an IPR-protected induction technique that makes it possible to heat and cool material – rapidly and with high precision. Initially, TC TECH has chosen to focus on systems for the production of diffusers for mini-LED and so-called Light Guide Plates (LGP) for screens and displays. TC TECH’s method is unique, being the only one that can produce these advanced optical films at low cost. Thus, the TC TECH technology has the potential to become a new standard in the screen industry.

TC TECH has its statutory seat and head office in Stockholm (Spånga), Sweden, where also R&D operations are based.


TC TECH’s systems will become a universal standard for the production of advanced polymer parts.

TC TECH’s technology has what it takes to set a new standard in a wide range of application areas. For now, we are focusing on the manufacture of so-called Light Guide Plates (LGP) and Light Guide Films (LGF), but we have also run some promising tests in the area of reinforced covers for tablets and mobile phones. Areas that will use similar technologies and have the same needs are “lab on chip” for the biomedical industry, panels for the automotive industry and thin wall products for the packaging industry. In the area of solar energy, we see a potential large future market for the manufacture of light guides and reflectors.

Made in Sweden

TC TECH is a unique innovation, developed in Sweden by some of the greatest masterminds in induction technology.