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1Apr, 2019

TC TECH receives order for one production system from leading Asian LGP manufacturer for laptops and tablets

TC TECH Sweden AB (publ) announces that the company has received an order for one production system for high-performing LGPs for LCD displays from a leading LGP manufacturer based in Taiwan. The customer delivers LGPs for laptops and tablets from globally recognized brands.

The order is TC TECH’s first from a customer with a strong focus on LGPs for LCD displays in larger sizes than mobile phone displays. The customer conducts significant research and development in LCD display solutions, and has well-established relations with premium manufacturers of laptops and tablets.

“With this order, we are able to initiate a commercial relation with a leading customer in a key segment for our technology platform. It will be really exciting to see how they will utilize the advantages of our LGPs,” says TC TECH’s CEO Alexander Luiga.

LGPs manufactured with the use of TC TECH’s technology platform are ideally suited to integrate into LCD displays for laptops and tablets in the premium segment. End customers who purchase these products want the advantages that the technology offers, such as thinner products, lower energy consumption and improved image quality.

2Jan, 2019

TC TECH receives order for three additional production systems to existing customer in Taiwan

TC TECH Sweden AB (publ) has received an order for three production systems for volume manufacturing of high-performing LGPs to an existing customer in Taiwan. The customer is an LGP manufacturer in the premium segment and delivers components to LCD displays in sizes suitable for mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

The three systems will be delivered in 2019. They are all of TC TECH’s TCP-150 model with roll-to-sheet feeding (RtS).

“This is our largest order to date, adding further proof that our technology will be included in upcoming generations of mobile phones, tablets and laptops,” says TC TECH’s CEO Alexander Luiga.

Luiga also highlights the fierce competition between companies in the production chain for LCD displays, as well as between companies creating mobile phones and laptops. This makes the industry open to technological advancements in areas where TC TECH is well positioned.

TC TECH is also anticipating an order from a customer in China that has signed a letter of intent to order one production system no later than the end of 2018, as announced in a previous press release. This letter of intent has now been extended to the end of Q1 2019 following a request from the customer.

29Oct, 2018

TC TECH receives letter of intent from Chinese LGP manufacturer to order a production system before the end of the year

TC TECH Sweden AB (publ) announces that the company has received a letter of intent (LOI) from a Chinese manufacturer of premium quality LGPs for LCD displays to order a TCP 150 system with roll-to-sheet feeding (RtS) before the end of the year.

The LOI shortens the delivery time as the production of the TCP 150 system is initiated before the actual order can be confirmed internally by the customer and sent to TC TECH.

The customer produces LGPs in the premium segment and delivers to Chinese as well as international LCD display manufacturers.

“This LOI is important for TC TECH as we will now be able to install our technology also in China, one of the world’s largest markets for LGP manufacturing. As the customer works with several large LCD display manufacturers, they are in an excellent position to get our technology into future models in product categories such as mobile phones, tablets and laptops,” says TC TECH’s CEO Alexander Luiga.

11Oct, 2018

TC TECH receives order for a second production system from customer in Taiwan

TC TECH Sweden AB (publ) announces that the company has signed an agreement with a customer in Taiwan to deliver a second TCP-150 system, including Roll-to-Sheet (RtS) functionality, for production of High Performance LGPs used in LCD displays. The delivery is expected to begin in December 2018 and will be visible in the interim report for Q1 2019, at the latest.

The company has previously announced the customer’s intent to sign an agreement for the delivery of a second system after final approval of the first delivery.

“The fact that the customer has decided to move forward with the second delivery almost immediately after having approved the first system show that there is a substantial demand in the market to be able to manufacture LGPs with the market leading quality that the TCP 150 delivers. It also proves that we have succeeded in building a strong customer confidence in our ability during the testing and adjustment phase, as well as that our system has reached an industrial level of quality,” says TC TECH’s CEO Alexander Luiga.

The company is now shifting its main focus from substantial development work to more marketing activities, including intensified application development and additional production of samples as well as demonstrations of the TCP 150 system for potential customers.

8Oct, 2018

TC TECH receives final approval from customer in Taiwan

TC TECH Sweden AB (publ) announces that the company has received final approval of the production system for high-volume manufacturing of High Performance LGPs for LCD displays that was delivered to a customer in Taiwan in July. This is an important milestone for the company as it now has a fully approved product in Asia for mass production of ultra-thin plastic products with nanostructure patterns.

The customer that has approved the production system is an Asian company within development and production of components for major manufacturers of LCD displays.

“TC TECH now takes an important step forward, from being a development company with a strong technology platform to also being a supplier of a market leading product that is used commercially for industrial high-volume manufacturing. We awaited this final approval, that was preceded by rigorous long-term testing, and commercial manufacturing in increasing volumes at the customer’s production facility before we start offering the system to additional customers. Now that we have achieved this, we are starting up our sales activities at full speed, and we see excellent possibilities to convert ongoing discussions with existing and potential customers to new orders already in 2018,” says TC TECH’s CEO Alexander Luiga.

TC TECH’s production system for the manufacturing of ultra-thin, High Performance LGPs (Light Guide Plates) used in LCD displays makes it possible to create LCD displays that are thinner and has an improved picture quality while also consuming less energy. The competition between manufacturers of LCD displays, and from manufacturers of OLED displays, has created a very strong interest in TC TECH’s production system and technology from companies at different stages of the production chain aiming to take LCD displays to the next level.

9Jul, 2018

TC TECH delivers the first unit of its upgraded production system to Taiwan

TC TECH Sweden AB (publ) announces that the company is delivering an upgraded production system for volume production of LGPs for displays to a Taiwanese customer after successfully completed tests in the company’s facilities in Stockholm. The installation in Taiwan is expected to be completed in July.

The upgraded production system will replace a previously delivered system, as communicated in the press release published on February 7, 2018.

The tests of the upgraded production system were conducted on behalf of the client in TC TECHs cleanroom in the company’s facilities in Stockholm. The cleanroom was installed in the spring and has made it possible to test the system in demanding industrial conditions. The company has thus been able to prepare and fine-tune the product before commencing the delivery process.

“The successful completion of these tests confirm that the upgraded version of our production system is robust and capable of manufacturing high-quality LGPs. We will now complete the delivery and installation of the system in July,” says TC TECH’s CEO Alexander Luiga.

5Jul, 2018

TC TECH receives patent approval in Sweden which expands the protection of the company’s technology platform

TC TECH Sweden AB (publ) has received a patent approval in Sweden for the patent application ”Method and arrangement for metal processing”. The approval in Sweden is the first one regarding partial hardening and extends the patent protection for the company’s general technology platform. The patent will be valid until the 3rd of July 2038.

TC TECH’s technology platform makes it possible to use induction (electromagnetism) to heat up, emboss and cool down detailed objects made of plastic, or other materials, with high precision. This patent approval extends the patent protection for our technology to be valid for metal parts.

“This patent approval extends the patent protection for our technology platform to also cover hardening of metal where we can see a great potential for our technology. Regarding partial hardening there is an especially high demand to find methods which can enable both hardened and soft zones with high precision. Within automotive industry the press hardening is a fast-growing area, there existing technologies have limitations regarding effectiveness and precision. TC TECHs main focus is still the development of a production system for light guide plates, but in the future other areas will also be important for the company” says TC TECH CEO Alexander Luiga

Initially, TC TECH has developed a production system for the manufacturing of a new generation of light guide plates (LGPs) that can substantially reduce the energy consumption in edge-lit LCD displays, as well as improve the picture quality. Edge-lit LCD displays are used in the majority of all mobile phones, tablets, laptops, computer displays and TVs on the market today. TC TECHs technology platform also has the potential to be used within several additional application areas, of which hardening of metal is one.

7Feb, 2018

TC TECH is finalising a new version of its production system for light guide plates in LCD displays, first delivery to customer in Q2 2018

TC TECH Sweden AB (publ) has completed the specification and initiated the manufacturing of an upgraded version of the company’s production system for light guide plates (LGPs) that are used in LCD displays. The company has formally agreed to upgrade two delivered systems in Taiwan to the new version, the first in Q2 2018 and the second in H2 2018. Upon approved installation, the company will receive the remaining approx. 40% of the payment.

“After a completed testing and optimisation phase with the two units of the earlier version that were delivered in Taiwan, vi are now finalising a new version that we deem to be ready for high-volume manufacturing in industrial settings. This is an important milestone for us as the development of the industrial process has been more demanding than expected,” says TC TECHs CEO Alexander Luiga.

The upgrades in new version of the production system, that retains the model number TCP 150 HPE, include a more robust power supply and a more stable construction to minimize the disturbance from external sources of vibration. Additionally, the actual pressing process has been optimised with an upgraded press piston as well as improved adaptation to roll-to-sheet feeding.

“We can now increase our sales efforts towards additional customers with improved credibility, and when the first unit is installed in Taiwan we will be able to use it as a reference case that is installed and running. In the light of this, we now have better possibilities than ever to drive the transition to thinner, more energy-efficient LCD displays with better picture quality in mobile phones, tablets and laptops”, says TC TECHs CEO Alexander Luiga.

The delivery of the two systems in Taiwan, the first in the end of the second quarter and the second during the second half of 2018, is defined as upgrades of previously delivered systems. Upon installation and final customer approval (SAT-test, site acceptance test) TC TECH will receive the remaining approx. 40% of the payment. These deliveries are expected to generate additional orders and ongoing revenue from service and standard maintenance going forward.

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