Superior screens with our unique combination of the latest within nano technique and induction.

The fast track to optimal temperature – the latest developments in induction technology

The TC TECH system for rapid heating/cooling is based on a unique induction technology, developed by our own induction specialists. Our own, patented solution can increase temperature by more than 100 degrees C per second, up to the optimal temperature for the plastic material in question. Normally, this means up to 200 degrees C – but should the application so require, it is possible to go much higher. Thanks to our active cooling process, the plastic material is cooled just as rapidly, the result being a perfect product without stress or yellowing. To achieve this perfect result we have equipped our system with some additional clever innovations to streamline the heating/cooling process even further. Quite a number of years have been devoted to the development and perfection of this technique, and to achieve the precision and quality of the TC TECH technology.


Higher quality with nano-precision

With our rapid and smooth heating process, it is possible to replicate advanced patterns down to nano-level. This exact heating process, in combination with equally rapid cooling, ascertains that the plastic material is never overheated. Thus, defects like yellowing or brittleness are eliminated in the LGP. As a result, the production of ultra-thin LGP and high-accuracy lenses is now possible.

A complete solution with user-friendly interface

The TC TECH systems have been designed to be easy to understand and use. Very few parameters can and/or need to be adjusted, depending on the type of LGP to be produced. The intuitive interface serves to minimize the training needed for the operator, and to maximize production output. The system is designed for efficient maintenance, and the parts that need check-ups are explicitly accounted for in the maintenance plan.

Technology Line

The result of many years’ dedicated research: a unique solution with strong IPR

Some of the greatest masterminds within induction have spent quite a number of years developing the unique, patented system that makes the impossible possible: ultra-thin LGP with advanced nano-patterns. To achieve perfection, countless hours have been dedicated to testing and fine-tuning the TC TECH technology, the ambition always being to provide an efficient and outstanding system for the production of advanced, ultra-thin LGP.