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LCD still the largest in displays

The dominant display technology on the market today is LCD displays where lighting is done with LED lights and the light is spread with LGP (Light Guide Plate). Most of the displays are expected to be based on LCD in the foreseeable future. There are other display technologies such as Quantum dots, which also use LGP, as well as OLED that do not use LGP to spread the light in the display. There is ongoing development in these display technologies. The following comparison table between a High Precision (HP) LCD display and an OLED Flexible clearly shows the strength of each technology. It is TC TECH’s assessment that with the help of High Precision LGP, LCD displays can continue to be a very large part of the overall market

Comparision HP LCD (with LGP) and OLED Flexible
HP LCD OLED Flexible
Display resolution Excellent < 800 ppi Good < 400 ppi
Electricity consumption Excellent                   Good
Thickness Excellent            Excellent
Display out to the edge Excellent            Excellent
Flexible Excellent            Excellent
Video quality Excellent            Excellent
Contrast Excellent            Excellent
Viewing angle color rendering Excellent                  Good
Viewing angle Luminance/brightness Good            Excellent
Life span Excellent                    Poor
Cost Excellent                        OK

Flexible LGP with a thickness of 0,125 mm

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