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Press release from TC TECH Sweden AB’s 2019 Annual General Meeting

TC TECH Sweden AB’s annual general meeting was held on 9 May 2019, at NetPort in Karlshamn, Sweden. 54,3% of all issued shares were represented at the AGM.

The AGM approved the income statement and the balance sheet for the company for the fiscal year 2018, and discharged the members of the Board and the CEO from liability for the fiscal year 2018.

Further, in accordance with the proposal submitted by the Nomination Committee, the AGM resolved that the Board of Directors shall consist of five ordinary Board members without deputy members. The Board was re-elected in its entirety, and will thus consist of the following members up to the AGM 2020: Peter Mattisson (Chairman of the Board), Per-Anders Johansson, Cecilia Jinert Johansson, Jörgen Brandt and Sven Löfquist.

In according with the Nominating Committee’s proposal, the AGM resolved that the total fees paid to the Board, shall be 425 000 SEK, of which 125,000 shall be paid to the Chairman and SEK 75,000 shall be paid to each of those Board members elected by the AGM who are not employed by the company.

It was unanimously resolved to authorize the Board to make a resolution to issue new shares. A maximum of 1,750,000 new shares may thus be issued in the period up to the AGM in 2020. Such share issue can be made with or without deviation from the current shareholders’ preferential rights. The share price shall be based on the market price at the time of the issue, with or without consideration taken to any possible market discount.

The AGM unanimously resolved to approve a directed issue of a maximum of 250,000 warrants, with the right to subscribe for new shares in the Company. The right to subscribe for the warrants will be added, with deviation from the shareholders’ preferential rights, CIMON Enterprise AB, 556545-6844, with the right and obligation to transfer the warrants to the Company. Oversubscription cannot occur. The warrants shall be issued free of charge. The warrants shall thereafter be transferred to key employees of the Company.

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