Meet The Team | Petter Karlow Herzog | CTO/COO

About me | Tell me about your role at TC TECH

I am Head of the R&D and of our general operations. Two days are rarely alike, however, every day the team and I work with developing our offer within the different business areas. One of our main topics is ofcourse the TCP 170 system and everything related to it. Customer support, process optimization and implementation of new features.

The System | How does the TCP170 system achieve 100% replication?

The high replication rate we achieve is due to a few key factors, even and efficient heating. By raising the temperature in the entire quality area above the glass transition temperature, we guarantee that the substrate material can freely flow into every crevice of the stamper. The patented design of our tool ensures that we have an even pressure across the whole quality area. 

Furthermore, our system incorporates a meticulous cooling process that maintains uniform temperature during the cooling. This ensures that the structure of the stamper is transferred to the substrate in a controlled manner. Finally, our controlled release process ensures that the substrate is released without any damage.

The market | Why is Mini-LED used?

Mini-LED is the next step for improved displays in consumer electronics. It can reduce the energy consumption with maintained viewing experience and improve longevity of a product as it is less prone to ageing. This put together makes it a natural step for the next generation of displays. The TCP Technology can enable high quality diffusers which is an essential part of any MiniLED assembly.

The team | What is the key to building a successful team?

I believe that the key to a successful team is communication, from communicating the vision and goals of the company. To every day communication regarding, shifts in priorities our interdisciplinary issues which needs to be solved. By having clear and effective communication the team can maintain focus and avoid conflict or issues.