Meet The Team | Tintin Chien | General Manager Asia

About me | Tell me about your role at TC TECH

My role at TC TECH focuses on business development and sales in Asia within optical films and biomedical areas. I started working as a system engineer when I was responsible for product development. Later I got more and more customer responsibility and cooperation projects in mainly China and Taiwan where I can communicate in the local language and understand the cultural differences. With my background and experience, I can help TC TECH and our customers find the best solutions for both parties. International b2b requires constant long-term, stable, and trustworthy collaborations with customers. I am currently responsible for the following areas:

  • Head of customer communications in Asia
  • Key account management
  • Business development and building customer relationships
  • Find new potential applications and market trends
  • Meet new potential customers on site for technical discussions
  • Lead, support and train our local distributors
  • Local PR promotion as exhibitions and giving seminars

The system |  What makes TC TECH’s system unique?

TC TECH was founded by strong competencies in nanotechnology, materials science, and industrial machine manufacturing. We strive to help our customers achieve “Your R&D today will be your product tomorrow”. With these unique advantages, TC TECH can make the impossible possible.

In other words, our systems are suitable for ambitious customers who produce products with high performance specifications. With guaranteed high replication and detailed patterns on thermal plastic films, our customers can achieve outstanding performance in front light, LGP, diffusers for mini-LED and other optical films and microfluidic devices.

The market | In which industries do our customers operate?

We have existing customers within optical films and microfluidic areas:

Optical films: Front light e-book, e-paper, gaming LGP, privacy screen, mini-LED diffuser, etc.

Microfluidic: POC (point of care)

We are constantly investigating new applications, for example, we are discussing with a potential customer about advanced packaging within the semiconductor industry and advanced lenses for self-driving cars.

The team | What is important to you in customer dialogue?

To further develop our business, we need a comprehensive supply chain, direct customer communication, and fast customer support. For existing customers, we need to understand their needs and development directions.

When the display industry continuously changes, we must dare to develop the products together with our customers and strive to provide the best possible quality and customer service.

For new potential customers, we need to clearly understand their requirements and needs to help them achieve their goals.