Get to know TC TECH: Interview with Aykurt Yilmaz, head of the manufacturing chain

All of TC TECH’s employees have a unique competence profile and background that contribute to creating a dynamic and well-functioning team. In this newsletter, Aykurt Yilmaz, head of the manufacturing chain, is interviewed on his company role and why he has chosen to work at TC TECH.

Aykurt Yilmaz has in-depth as well as broad expertise that fits well in the role as head of the company’s manufacturing chain. He was born in Turkey, raised in Germany and has lived in Sweden since 1995.

Can you tell us briefly about your professional background, and your position at TC TECH?

“I have four years of university studies in Turkey, and I have also studied electrical engineering and telecommunications in Sweden.”

“Before I started my employment at TC TECH, I had worked for 20 years in the telecommunications sector, primarily focusing on technical areas as well as the manufacturing chain and purchasing for production.”

“I am currently responsible for the manufacturing chain at TC TECH, and have been so for the past three years, with assignments including the following”:

  • Subcontractors: manage the company’s portfolio of subcontractors and subcontractor agreements, including the relationships with our suppliers.
  • Strategic/operational purchases: Strategic planning, project planning, implementing and following up orders, ensuring the quality of subcontractors, responsible for stock/inventory, analysing/optimizing lead times.
  • Production: Management/updating of systems with BOM (bill of material), production planning and coordination as supplier of electronic manufacturing systems (EMS), managing the processes for changing/exchanging orders.
  • Logistics: Packaging and transport, customer invoicing, deliveries.
  • Financing: Handling and reviewing invoices.
  • IT: Responsible for IT tools, office supplies and facilities.

What do you like best about your work at TC TECH?
“The opportunity to work with our unique technology and participate in its further development is much appreciated, as both myself and the entire team can feel proud of our work and our progress.”

“As I am a social person, it also suits me well to work with subcontractors and the purchasing side. The opportunity to meet and work together with various subcontractors and people is one of the most exciting
parts of my work.”

Do you have any special interests that you pursue when not working?
“I spend most of my free time with family and friends. My big passion is Turkish cuisine, and I love cooking. As a retired handball player, I cannot help but train a lot. Recently, I started playing padel tennis once or twice
a week.”