Welcome Petter Karlow Herzog

Chief Technology/Operations Officer at TC TECH

TC TECH of Sweden AB has appointed Petter Karlow Herzog as Chief Technology/Operations Officer for the company.

The team lead by Petter will establish TC TECH’s system as standard for manufacturing of advanced polymers, with 100% replication of nanostructures at high production speed, with minimal environmental impact.

TC TECH has during the last years developed its very own system, TCP150, to produce advanced plastic details. Operations are based on an IPR-protected induction technique that makes it possible to heat and cool material – rapidly and with high precision. TC TECH’s systems are used for the production of optical films, such as diffusers for mini-LED, and biomedical applications such as patterns for microfluidics. A more efficient optical film has the capacity to reduce energy consumption of screens and displays, usually around 20%, in combination with enhanced image quality. A thinner screen and fewer compensating optical films also reduce the amount of plastic needed.

As a direct partner of The Scandinavian Innovation Company, Avalon Innovation, with approximately 150 engineers with focus on developing innovative products and systems that truly make a difference, the team of TC TECH has strong possibilities to succeed.

“When I first was introduced to TC TECH, during my introduction at Avalon Innovation, it piqued my interest as it combined two of my largest interests, material science, and nanotechnology. The technology reminded me of the nanoimprint lithography which we used in experiments when I studied semiconductor device processing. NIL was one of the techniques I studied which I saw a potential industrial application of as it allowed for coverage of large areas at a low cost. It feels great to be a part of bringing advanced nanotechnology to everyday and sustainable products. I am very grateful that such confidence has been shown in me and I look forward to working with such complex technology and with experts in this field.” says Petter Karlow Herzog.

“Petter will be responsible for developing and fine-tuning TC TECHs R&D and operations to meet the demands of our customers and partners. He will lead the strategic roadmap of our product portfolio, be responsible for our Project Management Office and lead the team in creating sustainable solutions. As a member of the management, I look forward to work close with Petter and wish you good luck in your new role”, says Alexander Luiga, CEO at TC TECH.

Petter starts his position at TC TECH February 2023, after a role at Avalon Innovation in their Project Management Office.