TC TECH launch the new TCP170 system

TC TECH’s new 170-series has several upgrades compared to the current 150-system.
First of all, it comes with a standard tool that replicates up to 17” quality area, for both optical films and microfluidic products. For patterns smaller than 17” the TCP 170 allows you to utilize the entire quality area for efficient production. Regardless of pattern area the TCP 170 has the same 100% replication rate as our previous systems. With a proven submicron resolution this release of the system is a games changer for efficient production of high-quality patterns.

In addition to the increased quality area this release includes HMI language localization, network access for customers’ process monitoring and data traceability, as well improved infeed roll diameter measures to enhance the production procedure.
All together this has even further improved the production process, making it easier and more efficient to produce the next generation of patterns TCP170 system has better production features and higher throughput with submicron resolution.